Learn how to make beautiful clothes,
which fit you perfectly

Garment Makers Question Time is a series of on-line garment making classes teaching the skills you need to make beautiful clothes.

Based on a different style of garment each month, you will learn everything from choosing and altering the pattern to suit you, through to all the techniques you will need for that garment.

Create garments which fit perfectly

Commercial patterns are made for a 'standard' body shape and so modifying the pattern to fit our 'non-standard' bodies is a key part of the class. Right from lesson one Philippa shows how to make a toile -  a simple mock-up in cheap fabric - to help with your fitting. Each class also covers simple pattern alterations such as adding or removing material from a bust or a tummy or a back - all the techniques you need to make a garment which fits your unique shape. 

But don’t take our word for it – here is what students have been saying:

I wanted to make garments that fitted me and knew I needed help. Joining GQMT has far exceeded my expectations. I have loved every minute. I have loved learning new techniques each month and putting them to good use. – Caroline

I have been making garments on and off for more than 40 years and have taken lots of classes over the years. I have learned so many new techniques already - moving darts; measuring and fitting techniques; fabric choices; styles of pattern to suit my body shape – Sue

I joined because I wanted clothes which fitted being height challenged – Liz

I knew that even with 50 years of sewing experience I would learn. The biggest success for me has finally been to understand and accomplish perfect fitting for my body. - Sarah

Learn new skills and better techniques

Some of our students are beginners and others have been sewing for many years. Philippa's classes make no assumptions about what you may know - so they are great for beginners to start their garment making journey. But Philippa is a trained and experienced couture garment maker, so the skills and techniques which she teaches have been helpful to even very experienced members.

Here is what they said about learning new skills:

I wanted to learn more skills. I felt I was re-doing the same things again and again. The course is expanding my skills and making me think more about fabrics, pattern choices and experimentation. – Ann

I have made my own clothes for many years but decided that I wanted to take my clothes making to another level. So I joined GMQT - my clothes are now so much better than I ever imagined – Susan

I wanted to learn professional techniques. I so very much enjoy Philippa’s thorough lessons  – Debbie

The convenience of on-line classes 

The classes are all pre-recorded and available on-line. So you watch when it is convenient to you. And you can watch over and over again if you wish. Once you have a class there is no expiry date – so you can come back to it for a refresh after a week or a month or even a year.

I love watching her demonstrate the various techniques but I love the fact that I can watch each video as many times as I need to. Camera views are very good - just like being with Philippa and looking over her shoulder! – Ann

Being able to sew along and watch the video over and over again is invaluable. – Judith

I can re-watch bits over and over if I don’t get it first time. It’s better than a person to person class, I have all my equipment to hand and haven’t had to take it to a class, I can sew in my own time when it suits, I can make mistakes and not have to wait for another class or teacher’s time to put it right. I feel like Philippa is in the room with me. - Jane

Being able to follow at my own pace is a great help – Paddy

Who is Philippa Naylor?

If you have not come across Philippa Naylor before, she is an award winning sewer and popular teacher. Whether it is quilting or garment making, Philippa is all about making a few, high quality items, with a relentless attention to detail and precision. Mix that with a down to earth Yorkshire sense of fun, and a willingness to share her knowledge freely, and you will understand why she is a sort after tutor.


... and what is Garment Makers Question Time?

Garment Makers Question Time (GMQT) – is a monthly series of on-line classes. Each month Philippa makes a different style of garment based on a commercial pattern. Along the way she teaches the skills and techniques you might need to make that pattern – or a similar one. The classes build on each other so that new techniques are learned each month.

Start your garment making journey today
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Attention to detail / Slow sewing

You may have come across other classes which are all about getting it finished as quickly as possible and never mind the details.

GMQT is NOT one of those classes. You will learn to slow down, pay attention to the smallest details, and create beautiful garments which even look good on the inside.

I have re-learned from Philippa how much I love “slow sewing,” how attention to the littlest detail pays huge dividends in the final product – Shirley

The attention to detail, the humour and the immense amount of knowledge Philippa imparts is second to none – Ann

It is the attention to detail of basic skills such as accuracy, precision of measurement and taking great care to get things correct that are so valuable but also tricks of the trade which Philippa brings to her classes. – Pauline

Join a community of like minded sewers

When you join GMQT you don’t just get to watch the classes. You also get access to a community of like-minded students, all at various stages of progress, who support and encourage each other. There is a very active Facebook group where people post pictures of their latest garments, ask for help when things don't quite go to plan, and share advice on everything from great patterns they have found to good places to buy fabric. Once a month Philippa holds a live Question and Answer event covering all manner of garment making questions which is very popular and great fun. 

It's just flat-out wonderful to share the ongoing association, input, suggestions, encouragement, efforts, and successes with everyone here in the worldwide GMQT "family" - Jan

I would also say I LOVE the community part, especially when posting pics – Beth

*The images are all members wearing garments they have made which they have posted to our members gallery.

Regain your joy of sewing

It has been rewarding to hear how many students have said that joining GMQT has rekindled their love of sewing and garment making.

I have learnt so much - from making a toile to how to make adjustments for a perfect fit. Sewing is my happy place (when I have the time!) and I am so glad that I have re-found the happiness it brings after not doing any sewing for around 40+ years. – Wendy

I simply love the classes - I thought I could sew a bit, but I have learnt so much and eagerly await each class. I couldn’t be more delighted! – Elizabeth

I’m learning to turn mistakes into learning opportunities I’m learning to be kinder to myself I’m learning to slow down and enjoy the moment. It’s a joyous, creative, technical learning experience. Thank you ❤️ - Janet

I have had a lifetime of experience in the fashion and education industries. I was burnt out from teaching teenagers these skills for over 20 years. Now I have discovered my joy of dressmaking once again. Thank you. – Carolyn

This is probably the best value training you will find anywhere.

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What will the classes cover?

Each class focusses on a different garment and teaches different styles.

There isn't a single ‘class pattern’ to follow – because not all patterns suit all body shapes. Instead Philippa will help you choose the right pattern for your body shape and then teach a range of techniques which you may need to complete your pattern – all the while demonstrating as she makes her garment with you watching.

Season one includes twelve classes (one a month) . Here are the details of the first six.

Class 1 - The Shift Dress

Class 1 teaches several foundational techniques as well as :

  • Perfect darts
  • The neatest neck facing
  • A truly invisible zipper
  • Sewing in short sleeves
  • Precise hems

and much more....

Class 2 - The A-Line Skirt

Class 2 further foundational techniques plus:

  • Simple pattern alterations for a hollow back
  • Simple pattern alterations for a rounded tummy
  • Hong Kong seams
  • Neat machine sewn lapped zipper.
  • Making an elegant lining
  • Hems

and much more....

Class 3 - The Blouse

Techniques covered:

  • Adjusting a pattern for a bigger bicep
  • Adjusting a pattern to increase the armhole circumference
  • Fine French seams
  • How to make the best one piece collar with perfect points
  • How to position and sew buttonholes
  • Hem choices

and much more....

Class 4 - Trousers

Techniques covered:

  • Simple pattern alterations for a flat or rounded bottom
  • Simple pattern alterations for a rounded tummy
  • Sewing a centre front zipper
  • Making flat, inset, front pockets

and much more....

Class 5 - Lightweight quilted jacket and waistcoat

  • Seam options including a range of bound finishes
  • Perfect patch pockets
  • Edge finishing with contrasting bound edges
  • Fastening options to include ties and buttons with loops
  • A short scalloped edge waistcoat

and much more....

Class 6 - Shirt for ladies and gentlemen

  • Choosing your pattern and fabric
  • Simple pattern alterations
  • Sew shaped front and back yokes
  • Make a super two-piece shirt style collar
  • Learn how to sew professional shirt sleeve plackets
  • Add buttoned cuffs

and much more....

Plus 6 more classes to include...

  • The Day dress
  • Robes and Gowns (Silk)
  • Dress or tunic with knitted fabric
  • Jeans for everyone
Join now $15
Join now £12

If you join GMQT today we will give you access to three bonus classes at no extra cost:


 Bonus class #1 - Garment Making Foundations

Garment Making Foundations is a series of 12 foundational videos that cover many of the standard questions you may have before you start.

Which are the best needles and threads to use? What about scissors? How do I know what fabric to use for different projects? … and many more. 

Class value: £27 / $39

Bonus class #2 - Sewing Machine Basics

Sewing Machine Basics is a series of 7 videos telling you how to get the best from your sewing machine.

From loading thread to fixing top and bottom tension problems, and which the best stitch plates and why -  this series will make sure you know how to set up every aspect of your machine.

Class value: £21 / $27

Bonus class #3 - Bust Adjustments for a great fit

Commercial patterns are made to fit a standard size bust, but most people are larger or smaller and will need to adjust their pattern.

This class covers how to measure yourself correctly and then several ways to make the appropriate adjustments on the pattern. The class also shows how to make adjustments in other areas of the pattern to compensate for the changes at the bust.

One member said that this class alone was worth her annual subscription fee. 

 Class value: £47 / $59

That is bonus classes worth a total of £95 / $125 that will be included if you join today.


You will also get:

Access to our exclusive, members only Facebook group.

The GMQT Facebook group is such a valuable resource all on its own. Ask a question and usually within a few minutes a number of members will have responded to help you. Its great fun to post pictures of your garments and to see pictures of what everyone else has made. We are a very encouraging and supportive group, so you will just love being part of it.

Access to monthly live Q&A sessions with Philippa

Every month Philippa answers your garment making questions live for around an hour. If you can't watch live then it is recorded for you to catch up with afterwards. And each month two lucky members names will be drawn out to receive a prize - ranging from scissors to fabric, to an iron (yes really).


How much does all this cost?

If you join to day you will pay just £12 or $15. You will get instant access to your first class - The Shift Dress, plus all the bonus classes, the Facebook group and the monthly live sessions.

Then every month you will pay a further £12 or $15 and we will add a new class to your library. 

You can cancel at any time - and you get to keep access to any classes you have paid for.

There is also an option to pay £120 / $150 up front and get 12 classes for the price of 10. 

We think that is amazing value considering what we include. And our hundreds of members agree. But the best way to find out is to pay just £12 / $15 and discover for yourself.

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