Learn how to make beautifully crafted, well fitting clothes that you will love to wear

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics, or a more experienced garment maker wanting to improve your skills, these classes are for you.


Garment Makers Question Time is Philippa Naylor's platform teaching you how to make beautifully crafted clothes you will love to wear. The signature monthly series of 12 classes will teach you new skills each month - including both technical sewing skills and fitting/pattern cutting skills. Her latest classes are a standalone pocket series - including Patch Pockets, In-seam Pockets, and Welt Pockets.     Click here if you are looking for details of the pocket series.

Philippa's classic series of 12 monthly classes to grow your skills and confidence

Twelve online classes teaching you how to sew clothes you will be proud to wear. 

Read on below for more information on the monthly series....

What will I learn?

All the basics to get you started

If you are just starting out or returning after a long break, the classes cover everything you need to know to get started, including choosing and reading your pattern, fabric options, and how to measure yourself correctly.

Couture level techniques for beautiful results

Each class teaches the techniques you will need for a specific garment. Over the course of 12 classes you will learn a wide range of techniques for collars, cuffs, zippers, sleeves, buttonholes and much more - each class building on the previous. Philippa has years of experience working in the industry as both a designer and bespoke dressmaker, and shares techniques and tips which both beginners and more experienced makers will benefit from.

Pattern adjustment techniques for a perfect fit

A big part of each class is learning how to make adjustments to your pattern to fit your specific shape. So each class includes a range of possible adjustments for fit - including arms, shoulders, bust, tummy, longer, shorter, bigger, smaller and everything in between. Philippa shows you how to make a Toile (a mock up garment), how to use it to see what adjustments are needed, and then how to adjust the pattern by the correct amount to get a perfect fit. 

But don't take our word for it. Here is what some of our members are saying about the classes: 

"I have made my own clothes for many years but decided that I wanted to take my clothes making to another level. So I joined GMQT - my clothes are now so much better than I ever imagined"


"I wanted to make garments that fitted me and knew I needed help. Joining GQMT has far exceeded my expectations. I have loved learning new techniques each month and putting them to good use. "


The classes cost just £12 a month.

Sign up today and get the first class for just £1

We are so sure you will love the classes we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try them.

For a limited period we are offering you the first class to try for 14 days for just  £1. After that you will get a new class each month for just £12 a month. 

You can cancel at any time so really have nothing to lose. 

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What is included?

Each month a new class will be added to your library teaching new skills and techniques:

  • The Shift Dress
  • The A-Line skirt
  • Blouse
  • Trousers
  • Lightweight quilted jacket and waistcoat
  • Shirt for ladies and gentlemen
  • The day dress
  • Dressing gown and kimono wraps
  • Sewing with knitted fabrics
  • Jeans for everyone
  • Bridesmaid dress
  • Showerproof raincoat


Watch the classes when its convenient for you.

The classes are all pre-recorded on-line videos. Each class is divided up into short 10-15 minute sections. This means there is no 'start or end date', you can watch them when it is convenient to you, and you can work at a pace which suits you. If you want to watch one technique several times – you can. Once you have access to a class we don’t take it away again – so if you want to review a technique again in a years’ time, the videos will be there waiting for you. 

If you join today you will get an additional class "Bust Adjustments for a great fit " -  at no extra cost.

Commercial patterns are made to fit a standard size bust, but most people are larger or smaller and will need to adjust their pattern. This class covers how to measure yourself correctly and then several ways to make the appropriate adjustments on the pattern. The class also shows how to make adjustments in other areas of the pattern to compensate for the changes at the bust. One member said that this class alone was worth her annual subscription fee. 


Plus…  You will get access to our exclusive, members only Facebook group.

The GMQT Facebook group is such a valuable resource all on its own. Ask a question and usually within a few minutes a number of members will have responded to help you. Its great fun to post pictures of your garments and to see pictures of what everyone else has made. We are a very encouraging and supportive group, so you will just love being part of it.  

You get to take part in the monthly live Q&A with Philippa

Every month Philippa holds a live Question and Answer session where she answers members questions live on-line. They are always great fun, and we get some great questions from members. You will be invited to join the live sessions every month, and also have access to the archive of live sessions. 

So if you join today you will get:

• Class #1: The shift dress class
• Bonus class: Bust adjustments for a great fit
• GMQT Members only Facebook group
• Monthly Live Q&A with Philippa

.. all for just £1


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Who is Philippa Naylor? 

Philippa is best known in the sewing world as a quilt maker and teacher, having won many international prizes for her quilts and being a sought after teacher.

But long before she started making quilts, Philippa worked as a clothing designer in the British clothing industry and then had a business creating bespoke evening wear and wedding dresses. In fact she credits the skills she learned making couture garments with her success as a quilter.

Having spent the past two years developing a popular series of on-line quilting classes, she has now returned to her first love - garment making.

Working from her Yorkshire Studio which she shares with sculptor husband Peter, Philippa is creating a series of on-line garment making lessons with the goal of helping everyone to be able to make "beautifully crafted, well fitting, individual clothes that you will love to wear."

Join today to get ....

Class #1: The shift dress class

Bonus class: Bust adjustments for a great fit

GMQT Members only Facebook group

Monthly Live Q&A with Philippa

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We are sure you will love the classes so we are making it as simple a decision for you to try them.

Sign up for the first class for just $1 or £1. After 14 days you will get a further class for just $15 or £12, and then further classes each month until you have all 12 classes. 

You can cancel at any time. 

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