Philippa's Foundations

Philippa Naylor shares her thoughts and advice on foundational tools and techniques required for garment making. We will be adding new videos to this series as we come across foundational topics which would be usefully covered by Philippa.

We have categorised the posts so that you can find topics more easily. Click the buttons to see the posts on each topic:

Sewing Machine Basics
Machine Care

Philippa talks about how and when to clean and oil your machine.

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Loading Different Types of Thread

Philippa offers advice on how to load different types of thread into your sewing machine.

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Stitch Plates

Philippa offers her advice on stitch plates for garment making.

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Filling Bobbins And Threading Your Machine

Philippa shows you how to fill your bobbin and thread your machine.  

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Changing Stitch Plates And Sitting Advice

Philippa shows you how to change your stitch plate and offers advice on the best way to sit while sewing. 

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Top Tension

Philippa talks about top thread tension and how to solve common issues. 

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Bobbin Tension

Philippa talks about signs your bobbin tension is wrong and how to adjust it.

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Sewing Machine Feet

Philippa discusses which sewing machine feet she uses for garment making.

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