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Members Gallery - The Shift Dress

The following images have been submitted by members to show what they have been creating while taking the classes.

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Shift Dress | A-Line Skirt  |  Blouse


Wendy Andrews

Pattern TBA

Very pleased with my finished project. I made a toile that needed taking in at the neck and shoulders and a little larger on the hips


Caroline Tebbutt

Pattern TBA

I had to take a lot out of the neck and I think I could have taken a bit more but I am generally happy with it and even my husband approved. The invisible zip is - invisible. Amazing. I am sure that the attention to detail is what makes the difference and I cannot wait for the next class.


Antari F

Pattern - New Look 6000

I use this pattern in the middle without the collar. I shortened it and added the ruff following what Philippa did!



Pattern :Peggy dress from StyleArc.

I made the toile without the elastic/casing, which was a mistake. I should know better, it's not uncommon for dresses to be a bit short waisted for me, and since I set the casing as indicated on the pattern, this one is no exception. I like it enough to wear it anyway, and I learned bunches through this effort.


Wendy Searle

Pattern - New Look 6095

It’s got a slightly puckered zip and is a bit gappy at the back - but I love the style and I’ve learnt so much. I think I have the knowledge now to put this right on my next dress



Pattern - New Look 6095

Green cotton/linen will go great with a scarf i have. Need to tweak the fit a bit more but i like the potential hacks that can be done with the pattern. Loved the tips in the class, especially the sleeve hem and facing. I used a quilting cotton scrap for neck facing but it was too bulky.


Grace Nicholls

Pattern - New Look 6803

I am chuffed to bits!
My second pattern choice. 1st toile abandoned with fitted shift dress pattern!
The sleeves are cap sleeves, not my best choice but I had this pattern in the right size and think it suits me better ( being a size 18) than a fitted shift dress.
Overall, lots of lessons learnt, new machine purchased - a bit unexpected but Hubby pushed me into it!

Karen Hanson

Pattern - New Look 6095

I finished my dress and am really pleased how it fits. Thank you Philippa for this class and thank you David for the great filming.I am Looking forward to the next class


Naomi Livengood

Pattern - New Look 6500 A

I started out with the size 18 to align with my bust size and graded out to a size 20 for the hips. My toile was way too small. Since it was so small, I did a second toile in a size 22. Unfortunately, the top was too big, but the hip and tummy were a good fit. Pictured is basically what I considered as my third toile, size 20 for the bust and graded out to size 22 for the hips. The arm hole was too snug and the dress was also too tight across the shoulder blades, not allowing me to cross my arms comfortably. So I picked out the stitching on the back side of the sleeve and decreased the seam allowance to 1/2 inch. At least now I can bring my arms forward; however, the armhole could still be a bit bigger.


Yvette Jackson

Pattern - New Look 6145

I Made a Dress yeah !


Shift Dress

While we wait for more pictures from members, here is Maisie's shift dress made from the fabric from some no longer needed curtains.


 Julie Jarvis

Pattern - New Look 6500

Finished shift dress! Learned such a lot of techniques making this, thank you Philippa. Best parts for me were putting in invisible zip, putting in sleeves before making up and really thorough pressing!


Alison Mair

Pattern - New Look 6125

Overall pleased with it. Made some alterations to the neck and some last minute side seam taking in, but it fits and it’s comfortable. Loved the invisible zip method.
Should have looked at the pattern more closely though, had to deal with a whole lining instead of just facings.

Anthea Rocker

Pattern - Raglan Dress and Top, Avid Seamstress

This is the pattern I used. I chose it because I liked the style. I did complete a second toile of a shift dress which would have looked fine on me but I knew I'd never wear it. The cons were I had to do raglan sleeves for the first time and it has pockets. I like to have pockets. The pattern is in centimetres not inches. I was fine with that but it may be more difficult for the people in the US. I did have to alter the pattern of the raglan sleeves to fit broad shoulders. I found out how to do this on a YouTube video. The fabric is cotton fron the Vintage Sweetheart.


Laura Mills

Pattern - New Look 6095

I did extend the sleeves a bit, not terribly usuccessfully.  I Used some patterned lawn for the interfacing, plus cut bias strips to finish off the sleeves……as per the instructions!!!


Jill Taylor

Pattern - New Look 6095

Picking the pattern was easy, it is the one Philippa used! Cons, the pattern lines from the sizes are so close together. But that is the same with all the multi size patterns.

Sandra Platts

Pattern - Merchant and Mills, The Camber Set

Made in a cotton linen mix. Love the shape and simplicity of the style. No zip, but a yoke and careful top stitching! A style I will wear 😎


Carolyn Quinn

Pattern - The Assembly Line, Box Pleat dress

I chose this pattern because I liked the shape and thought I would be more likely to wear than a traditional shift dress. It was quite a simple construction but I used Philippa’s guidance to do the darts and neck facing. The thing I hadn’t considered enough was the pattern of the fabric. This went across the grain so I had to do some pattern matching to mirror the pattern on the front and then realised this didn’t match the back which was one piece. I had to do a new back in two pieces and pattern match again to mirror the pattern but in reverse to the front. This was a challenge but I learned loads from it and I’m really pleased with the result.



Pattern - Kwik Sew 39877

Pattern chosen because I wanted a very simply cut pattern as I wasn't sure how the light furnishing fabric I used was going to handle.


Laura Mills

Pattern - TBA


Ann Mardis

Pattern - New Look 6095

I chose it because it was the pattern Philippa used and I needed the really detailed visual tutorials. I found making the toille so helpful! It is something I never would have done without the GQMT class. I would have looked on YouTube and found a tutorial on a similar dress and just cut right in to my fabric. The dress would not have fit, I would have been very discouraged and possibly thought, "this sewing hobby just isn't for me!" Cannot wait til 1/2 to get started on another project!!!


Irene Mackie

Pattern - New Look 6145

Here is my Shift Dress. This is the first garment I have EVER made. Thank you Philippa for such clear instructions. It needed two toiles and more tweaking still but I am so proud of myself for managing to change the neckline and shoulders as well as taking nearly 4 inches off the sides from my hips down. I added 3” to the hemline and I think it is just right. I used the pattern New Look 6145. I really like the collar but as I have absolutely no experience I did not want to attempt it this time round. When Philippa has explained collars I will have another go. The skirt will have to wait till the New Year but I am looking forward to it very much.


Sharon Kennedy

Pattern - New Look 6095

It was straight forward to follow but I did need to reduce the seam allowance on the top half to give me a little more room. I also lengthened the sleeves as demonstrated by Phillipa and I added 4 inches to the length too. So glad that I made the toile first, again as advised. I had not realised just how different pattern sizes are to the dress sizes in the shops.

Samanthi Hills

Pattern - New Look 6095

I made a toile first and then make the dress with invisible zip and I I like the puff sleeve with organza lining I am tying to make next shchi I like the dress Philippa wearing


Ann Kingdon

Pattern - Simplicity 4789

 I’m thrilled to bits with the finished garment and, although I only usually wear dresses on special occasions, I’ll wear this one for ordinary wear.  I used view C of the pattern but altered the shoulder seams to take the jacket sleeves.  I also added a bit to the back.  It’s made from needlecord in a dark navy with a Japanese dragonfly fabric for the trimmings.  The needlecord is such a dark navy I thought it needed a bit of a lift. 
I’ve been sewing garments, on and off, for about 60 years but I’ve never done pattern alterations before so learned a huge amount from Philippa’s teaching.  Thanks to this class I’ve never made such a well fitting dress!  Such clear instructions and clear viewing of the techniques.  I can’t wait to get started on the skirt!

Christine Dobson

Pattern - New Look 6602

I used New Look 6602 as I liked the shape and the pockets. Also, it has a couple of variations I might be tempted to make. I had to make several alterations, reduce the width of shoulders and drop the bust point but I think it is a very versatile pattern that I can use often. I have already made a pinafore dress with it by lowering the neckline and omitting the sleeves.

Sue Hill

Pattern - New Look 6095

I used it as same pattern that Philippa used. Have learnt so much and looking forward to learning more.


Ann Horton

Pattern - Sew Me Something Emelia

Sew Me Something pattern No zip but very pleased with the result

Judy Cuming

Pattern - Eva Dress by Tessuti Fabrics

I chose it because it looked very simple to make. It’s a pull over the head dress without darts or a zipper. I am now making the same pattern Phillipa used with a zipper! It is a very comfortable easy to wear dress.

Amy Day

Pattern - Rosa by Rosery Apparel

I picked this pattern because it had a nice easy tea dress vibe, but I changed the skirt for a half-circle. I’m only a beginner but I love the end result, I did have to make some adjustments to the pattern to get it to fit me well but nothing too major. Philippa’s class and advice really helped me finish the dress to my satisfaction. I’m so glad I signed up and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Amanda Horn

Pattern - New Look 6095

I really enjoyed making this shift dress. Many thanks to Philippa for the detailed instruction.

Debbie Wisdom

Pattern - New Look 6500

The pattern was New Look 6500. I chose it as it looked like a relaxed fit for someone who has a large bust and tummy 😂. Not sure about pros and cons as it is the very first garment I have made so nothing to compare to yet.

Gail Silverman

Pattern - TBA


Hazel Channon

Pattern - New Look 6500

The pattern is New look 6500 and I did view A but elongated the sleeves. I chose it because it had a lovely simple shape and I like the pockets.

Jane Wright

Pattern - Simply Sewing Magazine

I used the shift dress pattern from simply sewing magazine the instruction were not easy to follow so I just followed Philippa's method of sewing. The pattern didn't have back pleats so there wasn't much shape to the dress and the neck band facings weren't very wide to work with like the one Philippa used. I have purchased the new look pattern Philippa used and I am going to have a go at that one

Margaret Richards

Pattern - Very Easy Vogue 9325

Reason for choice... only pattern I found with most of the elements of Philippa's class in my size 18/20/22 with the back darts and no waist seam. I also wanted a longer sleeve. Cons were it was fully lined. However, I knew I wanted to alter the neck completely and that I could do it (or have a jolly good try) and make my own facings having watched the class lessons. I altered the shoulder width too. Such good value these classes it's amazing, Philippa is there on demand!! I knew I would enjoy this series as am also a member of QQT series 1 and 2.


Sandra Humphreys

Pattern - New Look 6095

I did buy a couple of patterns at the time, but after reading all the info given in each I decided to opt for 6095 as it looked more straightforward from my point of view. Another big issue too was that Philippa had used it, so I could follow her instructions and relate to the pattern to pick up the easy differences that she was giving us. It was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the videos as always.

Sandra Platts

Pattern - Merchant and Mills Camber Set

Merchant and Mills pattern. The Camber Set in a cotton linen mix. Love the shape and simplicity of the style. No zip, but a yoke and careful top stitching! A style I will wear 😎

Michelle Wellan

Pattern -  TBA 

I really enjoyed the step by step walkthrough for the construction. It is a much easier way to make a dress when you don’t have to set in the sleeves. I also liked learning to adjust the darts. The finishing and the facings were fabulous and very neat and professional. The difference between home made cooking and bought. Had a lot of fun as well.


Lynne Szyplinski

Pattern - New Look 6095

My shift dress finished, I used the same pattern as Philippa. A few tweaks on the toile, well worth the time spent. I lengthened the sleeve by 3/4 inch and took 1/4 inch out off front neck. I have done a fair bit of dressmaking in the past but following Philippa’s classes I’m learning to do a much better job!

Ann Burch

Pattern - Simplicity 2247

Here is my second dress after 3 attempts at inserting the zip. I’m happy with it, but could never have done this without Philippa and her team. Thank you and thank you to everyone else who offer such help and support. On to the skirt next!

Danita OKeeffe

Pattern - Simplicity 9225

I chose this pattern because it is loose fitting as I don’t really have the shape for a more fitted one! in one of the tutorials Philippa said that gathers rather than darts disguise smaller boobs.


Paula Shenton

Pattern - New Look 6340

I wanted A-line style and sleeveless option to allow more freedom of movement than the straight shift. My other hobby is dancing so freedom was important. The cons of this pattern were that it was a bit too wide but inserted the side ties to address that. Easy over the head no zip was quicker to make, took about a week with time off LOL

Valerie Wright

Pattern - New Look 6095

Used New Look pattern 6095. Adjusted the length of dress and sleeves.

Jennifer Gantt

Pattern - Simplicity 2247

The pattern is Simplicity 2247 – princess style dress – size 14 with 3 inches added at the waist. It was difficult for me to make it fit, especially in the bodice. The toile fit me perfectly, so I was shocked when the dress did not. I concluded that it was due to the toile being thin and flowing and the garment being heavier quilting cotton. The dress bodice seam was way off to the side of the bust on both sides, and I did everything exactly the same as when making the toile. The bodice was too loose in the whole bust area. I kept working with it but decided that next time I will use the pattern piece made for the C cup instead of the D cup, even though my bra size is 32D. I am very pleased with everything I learned so far, and I look forward to continuing.


Sarah Matlock

Pattern - New Look 6145

Thoroughly enjoyed making my shift dress from New Look 6145. I had to take the back darts in quite a bit and may yet take the side seams in a little BUT have worn the dress to a dinner party and to a luncheon and felt very comfortable in it and had some nice compliments. The fabric is Liberty’s Wiltshire Shadow in black. Thoroughly enjoyed Philippa’s instruction and learnt a huge amount. I wish GMQT had been around 40 years ago when I used to sew more (and then gave up when sewn items didn’t fit properly as my body became lumpier!) I am currently making another shift dress whilst I wait for my fabric to arrive to make my A-line skirt and blouse.

Jane Ellis

Pattern - Sew Over Its Zoe

This is my shift dress channelling my inner Philippa- and I think my husband channelled his inner David Tongeman whilst taking the photos! It's Sew Over Its Zoe dress in a size 14. I lengthened it by 3” so actually added 6” to include Philippa’s extra deep hem which I love. I put in the inseam pockets but regret that now since they do affect the silhouette of the dress. They’re basted close for the photos to try and minimise the gap.

Sharon Vaulman

Pattern - New Look 6095

The shift was probably not the best choice of pattern for my body type given the amount of alterations I made but I am glad I did use it for 2 reasons. 1) I got more out of the first lessons by following Philippa and 2) It was immensely helpful in getting a great fit in future classes.

Ann Kelly

Pattern - New Look 6095

I used the same pattern as Philippa, New Look 6095. I chose it because although I did a bit of sewing in my teens I haven't made anything for over 40 years and felt that having signed up to the course it made sense to use the same pattern. I knew that the shape would suit me. I had a few problems with the fit but I know that was my fault as I didn't persist enough with my toile. I had to adjust the neckline of my dress but because of what I'd learned I had the confidence to make the changes and maintain the quality of my work. I really feel that I've had one to one tuition with Philippa and the additional hints, tips and comments on the group page are so useful and encouraging. Just thrilled with my dress and how much I've learned.

Dawn and Lizzie Errington

Pattern - New Look 6500

This was a simple pattern and we used quilting fabric, it's a lovely colour. It was fun to make and we got it finished just in time for Christmas.

Judith Locker

Pattern - Burda 2561

The blouse is made in cotton Lawn using BURDA 2561. I bought it to be able to follow Philippa and was very pleased with the final garment. I have not done vertical darts without horizontal ones before and thought it may not be a good shape for me. Again another revelation … making the toile and measuring as Philippa suggested worked very well. At this rate, I am going to have to buy a new wardrobe to put these lovely garments in. 😀❤️

Ann Berry

Pattern - TBA

Here is my second dress after 3 attempts at inserting the zip. I’m happy with it, but could never have done this without Philippa and her team. Thank you and thank you to everyone else who offer such help and support. On to the skirt next!

Kerry Byrne

Pattern - TBA

Well it’s finished, did hand sew hem but didn’t think it looked good enough even though it took about 2.5 hr. There are probably parts that could have been done better, but I’m thrilled with it, never thought I make and adjust my own facings it’s so comfortable but you have to excuse my photo not very photogenic thanks, Phillippa, your teaching has made me very happy

Nerveen Elghanam

Pattern - TBA

🥳🥳🥳 My second garment really happy to see my dreams come true and I made my lovely dress but still working on it. What do you think?

Michele Dobson

Pattern - New Look 6095

Wearing my shift dress for our anniversary tonight. This is upholstery fabric using New Look 6095. Changed sleeve length and added front vertical darts for more shape. Very pleased with the zipper but had to first iron it flat to use #23 foot as no invisible zipper feet are available for my machine right now. The neckwear was purchased at a local art fair this past summer. I learned alot from this make! Go slowly, unpick as needed and don't be afraid to modify! Thank you, Philippa and team!


Pattern - TBA



Pattern - TBA