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Members Gallery: The A-Line skirt

The following images have been submitted by members to show what they have been creating while taking the classes.

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Shift Dress | A-Line Skirt  |  Blouse


Sharon Kennedy

Pattern - New Look 6400

As I have a number of winter weight lined skirts that I never wear I decided to make the skirt in a cotton quilting fabric (A bird in Hand designed by Kathy Schmitz for Moda) and not line it. 

I used the New Look pattern no 6400 and made a toile first. As the toile stretched around the waist I put stay stitching in the final version. It was the first time I had put a sideways zip in and also the first time I had done French seams. I am happy with the outcome and am sure that I will wear it in due course.



Sarah Runnacles

Pattern - McCalls 3830

The pattern is McCalls 3830 from a charity shop! I like skirts with a grown in waist and as they sit better on me. Having said that the turning was fiddly because I used thick fabric- noticed on bought skirts the inner waist band is a thinner fabric.


Wendy Searle

Pattern - New Look 6843

This is New Look 6843 version C with a bit of length added and the waist enlarged. It looks very straight in the pattern but is plenty A line enough for me. I increased the waistband to two inches and put the zip to the side as suggested. I love it! It will get lots of wear.


Gail Silverman

Pattern - New Look 6346

I used New Look 6346 because it had some flair.


Alison Mair

Pattern - Sew over It Ava

Finished my skirt. Very happy with it. I mastered the HongKong seams and am inexplicably happy with all the secret loveliness inside 😍. Thank you Philippa. Pattern is Sew Over It Ava skirt — feeling accomplished.


Anthea Rocker

Pattern - The Assembly Line S401

I finished my 3 pleat skirt. I did it in cotton fabric as I was making it as a first go. I lined it and used Philippa's waistband instructions. I like it enough to wear it.



Pattern - City Stroll Wrap Skirt from Liesle and Co

Finished! I felt that the edge really called for some I dug around in my stash and found a fat quarter of black silk. (No idea when or why I bought it. But it's better to be lucky than good!) No zip, as it's a wrap skirt, but I still learned a lot...thanks to the group for the advice on quilting the fabric. Pattern is City Stroll Wrap Skirt from Liesle and co.



Pattern - Sew over It Ava

Size "17" with waist adjustment (I too am square). Didn't have enough lining fabric so just did hong kong seams. I used a button I found at a "cheap shop" in Austin tx. Still love the fabric (some kind of cotton-poly blend) but it's too thick for this flared pattern. Wish I saved it for a straighter skirt. But I will wear it. I love learning all the tips to make more professionally stitched clothes.


Caroline Tebbutt

Pattern - New Look 6346

I have finished my skirt! I have learned such a lot in the process. Thank you so much, Philippa. The pattern is New Look 6346. I think I could have chosen a better fabric but I am pleased with the result and I managed to pattern match(ish) the side seams. Just forget about the waistband! I rarely wear skirts but it fits! And is comfortable. What a difference a lining makes. So perhaps I will wear this one.



Pattern - Kwik Sew 3877

Pattern chosen because I wanted a very simply cut pattern as I wasn't sure how the light furnishing fabric I used was going to handle.


Grace Nicholls

Pattern - TBA

My skirt is finished. I have never made anything like it or with as many "extras"! I love the Hong Kong seams, the lining is swishy and makes the garment feel luxurious.😊 It isn't perfect but what an amazing amount I have learnt. Onwards and upwards. Thanks to Philippa, David and all the team. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜


Julie Jarvis

Pattern - New Look 6108

Finished my A-line skirt. I bought the pattern before seeing the lesson, and I really like it but it wouldn’t give me the practice of a lapped zip, a waistband and a buttonhole! So I used the pattern pieces to create a ‘standard’ A-line, made a toile which needed a bit of adjustment and used that, the waistband was just a long strip of fabric. My next ‘problem’ was I chose a fabric I liked without really thinking about pattern matching! However, I didn’t do too bad a job but I am looking forward to finding out how it should be done. For the finishing, I used a mix of overlocker (my husband bought me one as an early Birthday present when I started this course) and used the Hong Kong finish on the waistband and hem. Adding the lining made the skirt feel much more substantial, I really enjoyed making the skirt, thank you Philippa for your brilliant tuition. Two weeks off now before lesson 3!


Laura Mills

Pattern - TBA

I’m using fabrics found languishing in the cupboard, from at least 30 years ago! No lining though, so waiting for that to arrive. I’ve used some cotton lawn for Hong Kong binding. My zip needs to have a bit more of an overlap, so that will be redone and I’m hoping that the pattern matching will then be more accurate towards the top. Overall, really pleased with it so far!



Pattern - New Look 6843

Chose this one as it is very basic and good to practice new techniques. Waist band too narrow so just doubled the depth .


Sarah Ann Smih

Pattern - Meghan Nielsen Brumby

I LOVE the look of Meghan Nielsen's Brumby skirt pattern. I'm not young or slender anymore, but it is just fun, Since I couldn't find soft, lightweight denim in Maine (far northeast of the US) in early winter, I chose a heavy 6.65 oz/yd linen. Altering the back waistband to be elasticized proved problematic. I am fond of comfort and not of exposed zippers (per the pattern). But it is easy to change a zipper style, so no real cons to the pattern.


Clare Thompson

Pattern - New Look 6843

Finally finished my skirt. Made with tweed from my late mother's stash - probably bought at least 30 years ago! The tweed was much harder to work with than I expected, so Hong Kong seams and Phillippa's instructions were a godsend. Very pleased with the fit and had forgotten how warm (good) a woollen skirt can be! I used the lining material that my mother had bought but should have replaced it with something nicer.


Michelle Wellan

Pattern - Simplicity 1369

I loved the Hong Kong seam. It's my new favourite. Fit is good and I love the lining. I’ve never had such a nice zipper either. Excellent teaching step by step too. I’m really happy with it. So far I’m just using what I have so this was a batik I had leftover.


Sheila Poore

Pattern - TBA

I wouldn’t make it again, I guess I don’t like the way the pattern on the fabric ended up, some of the patterns others used look much better and less fitted.


Hazel Channon

Pattern - New Look 6843

This skirt was a marathon make for me. I started before Christmas and chose the wrong fabric really because it is jersey and very stretchy. Bad mistake. But I loved the look of it. After many stops and starts, sewing and unpicking, I have produced something that I quite like, and it actually does fit me!


Antari Foster

Pattern - Vogue V7937, model D

Finished my skirt.... my fabric choice is a bit safe - but it would go with many of my tops and turtle necks 😁 Many firsts here... The first skirt I own in 20 years First time working with woollen fabric First time doing the Hong Kong finish First lapped zip First time using the manual buttonhole foot, which is wonderful and works on thicker fabrics such as this. The pattern is Vogue V7937 - D, it didn't have a waistband so I added it. Increased the waist size - added 1.5" ease which is sufficient. Lengthen the skirt so it falls right underneath my knees at the front. I struggled with the hemming on the curved back. As I wanted to keep the hem I gathered the back of the hem, stitch lines at 3/8" and 5/8". I did stitch through in between these lines once gathered but still moved about when I stitched the 1/2" Hong Kong seams. Overall feels nice to wear and the fit is just right as long as I keep my current weight that is.


Ann Mardis

Pattern - TBA

Made the short skirt with back zipper and pockets out of the leftover material from my shift dress. The maxi has a side zipper. I am learning so much!!!


Sandy Wendt

Pattern - TBA

Want to brag! Y’all will understand! I did not finish the shift dress but finished the a-line skirt. (It is not for me so I do, not have any pics on yet). The fabric is a cotton/ linen blend (on sale for 30%off). Lining recycled Sari (not sure what fabric is🀷🏼‍♀️). The red binding is an old sheet. The button and buttonhole could be better! Very happy with the result. Fits DIL perfectly! Did all my thread ends as Phillipa does so it's pretty neat! Thanks, Phillipa and crew for such great lessons! On to my blouse!

Judith Locker

Pattern - Vogue V7937

Skirt finished, not a classic A line but I used Philippa Naylor’s classes to add a lining, to get the lapped zip in well, try out Hong Kong seam finishing and to hem it invisibly. A few little threads to tidy up but I am very pleased with the result, thank you for these classes I am finally making clothes I can wear. Going the extra mile on the unseen inside makes me feel very good when I put it on xx

Amanda Horn

Pattern - Kwik Sew 3877

Tosca says you should see these Hong Kong Seams! Thank you Philippa for a fabulous class.

Jennifer Gantt

Pattern - Simplicity Pattern #2314

I loved making this skirt. I had no problems. Very pleased with the fit, and also with the Hong Kong seams. I had completed it with a lining, all except for the hem. However, we recently had our first 90-degree day of 2022! I decided a lining does not suit my climate, and I took it apart and removed the lining. I will wear this skirt with sandals. I love the classes!

Ann Kingdon

Pattern - New Look 6035

This is my finished skirt. Hong Kong seams (which I’d always known as “bound seams”), lapped zip, posh lining and a faced waistband which I find more comfortable than an ordinary waistband. The fabric is a fine wool mixture - it was in my stash and don’t know where I got it from!

Thamara Linayage

Pattern - New Look 6354

Please let me know what you think of my skirt. I used New Look 6364 Pattern, number 4 and used linen material.

Judy Cuming

Pattern - Kwik Sew K3877

The A Line Skirt was Kwik Sew K3877 same as Phillipa demonstrated. Very comfortable and easy to make. Loved doing the Hong Kong Seams and will be using them again in other garments.

Nancy O'Mary

Pattern - Butterick 86866

I used this a line pattern since this again tends to be a good fit for me. I love the color and the Hong Kong seams. The lining turned out perfectly.

Janet Evans

Pattern - Tba

First time making a heavy wool skirt fully lined and with Hong Kong seems. Not perfect but for a first go I am pleased.

Irene Mackie

Pattern - TBA

Well it is done. Learned such a lot. I used patchwork cotton that I had and lined it with a white lining fabric I bought specially for it. It definitely benefits from being lined as it gives it some weight - and of course, feels great. The Hong Kong seams were brilliant and I wish I had known about them before I made my shift dress which I did in lightweight wool. However, if (no not if, WHEN) I make another skirt I will look for a pattern that has front and back darts. Also I would make the waistband much wider. This one came out at a scant 1”. Also because it was shaped I had a lot of trouble putting it in. Tried three times and this was the best I could do, but it still ‘frilled’ a bit. Strangely, it didn’t frill on the inside only the outside! Looking forward to wearing this in the better weather, and making some blouses to go with it - plenty of colours to choose from!

Sandy Sekora Wendt

Pattern - McCalls L9526

Want to brag! Y’all will understand! I did not finish the shift dress but finished the a-line skirt. (It is not for me so I do,not have any pics on yet). The fabric is a cotton/ linen blend (on sale for 30%off). Lining recycled Sari (not sure what fabic is🀷🏼‍♀️). Red binding is an old sheet. The button and buttonhole could be better!Very happy with the result. Fits DIL perfectly! Did all my thread ends like Phillipa does so its pretty neat! Thanks Phillipa and crew for such great lessons! On to my blouse!

Sandra Humphries

Pattern - Kwik Sew K3877

I made the medium size and I'm sure that I will enjoy wearing it as much as I did making it. I took in the darts and side seams just a little more than the normal 5/8" and I'm delighted with the zip (although you can't see it from my photo) and the Hong Kong seams were so easy to accomplish. I love it, thank you Philippa for another delightfully accomplished garment.

Kerry Byrne

Pattern - New Look 6400

Ok my skirt is finished, I love it, it’s not perfect but I can live with it, I need to learn to smile in photos, Loved the Hong Kong seams and zip went in a dream, waistband needs a little work, hope you like it, New Look 6400 version A size 16


Pattern - New Look 6843

I chose it because it was already in my stash. Even making the skirt longer than the pattern, I used less than a metre. Inexpensive and easy to make and enough fabric left over to make a matching top.

Diane Turnbull-Smith

Pattern - New Look 6106

My skirt is finished. I struggled with the lightweight denim, especially on the waistband, as the fabric stretched quite a bit during sewing. Unfortunately, the lapped zip disappeared as I tried to correct the waistband. However, i have learnt how to put in a lining, pockets, waistband, Hong Kong seams and another zip method along the way. All good practice. Thank you, Philippa and the team for your brilliant classes.

Victoria Chisnall

Pattern - McCalls M7523

I used the mc calls m7253 pattern because i liked the pleated look to the skirt. it was easy to follow using Phillipa's advice and guidance.


Pattern - Tba



Pattern - Tba