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Members Gallery: The Blouse

The following images have been submitted by members to show what they have been creating while taking the classes.

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Gail Silverman

Pattern - Burda 2561

Pleased with my blouse!


Karen Hanson

Pattern - Burda 2561

My buttons arrived and my blouse is finished ! I really like this pattern!


Nerveen Elghanam

Pattern - New Look 6469

I picked this pattern because it's my first time to sew, I tired to choose something easy for beginners also choose it after Phillipa's recommendation. It's easy to use, the instructions were clear. Thank you 😊



Pattern - TBA

I took a break from fitting and made this looser top (did wide back adj). Used an online pattern though it's a pain to tape those pieces together. It had a type of sleeve and cuff gather I hadn't seen before: gather stitches than seam allowance gave it pleats for a more casual look I guess. Cotton linen. Can't wait to wear it in the spring and definitely looking forward to trousers class.


Caroline Tebbutt

Pattern - New look 6407

After a lot of pattern alterations and a fair bit of unpicking (what would Philippa do? Redo it!) I have finished my blouse. I made some basic mistakes, one of which was to choose a pattern that a) is too fitted for me and b) has a neckband as well as a collar. When choosing a pattern I seem to have this weird idea that I am buying the model’s shape as well as the pattern! If only. I had to move the bust dart up and didn’t put the body darts in at all. I made some adjustments to the shoulders too, slightly varied the side seam and managed to follow the written instructions for the neckband. I am sure Philippa is going to tell us what to do about this in another class but I have just about got away with it. I couldn’t have done any of this without Philippa’s brilliant instruction. It fits. I like it! I might do another one!


Julie Jarvis

Pattern - Vogue Easy Options

Blouse is finished. I chose this pattern after hearing Philippa say that if ‘one’ is less well endowed then gathers give more shape than darts! I am quite pleased with the outcome although I do have to tackle another fitting problem next time and that is how to adjust for much squarer shoulders than the patterns allow for!


Alison Mair

Pattern - Burda 6533

Finished my blouse . Overall happy with it. After making the toile I let out the back darts and lowered the front darts so that they finished more below the bust. Looking at the finished blouse I maybe should have shortened the shoulder seam a bit but maybe I will put in some shoulder pads. The only thing I really struggled with was setting the sleeves. I altered the pattern to reduce the amount of ease as Philippa suggested which made it easier but still not right so don't look too closely. Lovely French side seams tho 🙂


Dawn and Lizzie Errington

Pattern - Simplicity 9295

The blouse is Simplicity 9295, this is lovely and we expect to make another one soon. Lizzie is 12 years old and is learning so much watching Phillipa. We work as a team and are learning so many skills. GMQT and QQT are so much fun and so inspiring.

Sharon Kennedy

Pattern - TBA

I have just finished making a blouse having watched all the lessons first. I used 2 quilting fabrics in my stash and raided my button box! I adapted the pattern to use contrasting fabrics for the collar and cuffs (a first for me) and it was also the first time I had used the sewing machine to make buttonholes too. I am really enjoying learning new skills as I make each garment on the course.

Marilyn Turner

Pattern - By Hand London Sarah Shirt

This is my blouse. Pleased with the fit but sadly didn't get the pattern matching right at the front. Added bias trim to collar and cuffs and used sleeve pattern from By Hand London Sarah shirt. Looking forward to tackling trousers next.Wishing all of you beavering away to make amazing clothes confidence and success

Wendy Searle

Pattern - Burda 2561

It feels really comfy and I’m so pleased with it. The inside is really presentable too. I made this with a very soft thickish craft cotton with a tiny ditsy print in it which doesn’t show in the pictures. I'm ready to make some linen trousers to go with it now - thanks, Philippa 😂

Sandy Wendt

Pattern - TBA

Finally made something that fits well and I will actually wear! Started as a short kimono I bought from a street vendor about 12 years ago in Tokyo and have never worn it…..while waiting for my new cabinet and cleaning up room…decided to take apart and reuse fabric! Very pleased! Only adjustment was bust dart lower by 1-1/2 “!

Judith Locker

Pattern - Burda 2561

Finished item except last button … which may not be needed. It fits me better than the mannequin which as recently lost some of its padding.

Isla Robert

Pattern - Burda 2561

I have made my blouse. My first ever! Really pleased. Thanks, Phillipa very much for your classes and for persuading me to try shoulder pads. This blouse really needed them. My Janome automatic button hole maker was so easy ( after I read the manual!). I’m not sure about the buttons. They were in my button box and match. But they are quite small and also have a bumpy flower pattern surface that catches little threads in the button hole. So in future will look for smooth buttons.


Pattern - McCall's M7575

Finally got the buttons to finish this off. From the blouse class even though I used a shirt pattern (it's the button band, yoke and 2 part collar that makes it more of a shirt). Pattern was McCall's M7575 with a FBA and also not putting in the back darts.

Becky Miller Griffith

Pattern - Style Arc “Kennie”

The saga of the chapter. I posted a while back that I had an error that caused the top button to sit out slightly out of line with the others when the collar was pulled properly closed. I followed the brilliant suggestion to replace it with a larger statement button that could sit in the required spot but mask the misalignment. Worked great! It takes a village!

Sue Hill

Pattern - TBA

Therapy is conquering fear of buttonholes! Love this blouse. I added 3 inches to the length as think a longer length blouse is more flattering for me and took out the darts in the back. Thank you Philippa for such great guidance. Once again have learnt so much but loved working on this. My husband even ventured ( perhaps in a weak moment!🤣) to ask if I would attempt making a man's shirt for him. He was so impressed! On to trousers now ….. excited. Loved seeing everyone’s photos - thank you for sharing. So inspirational

Paula Shenton

Pattern - New Look 6698

I've finished my blouse and very pleased. First time using the auto buttonholer wow and I sewed the buttons on by machine fab. Side seams I tweaked to 3/8th pressed to one side and will do better on cuff next time when the shirt class is released LOL Added 2ins to waist and 1in to length plus small side vents to allow better movement. Really chuffed it fits 😀

Sarah Ann Smith

Pattern - Simplicity S8883

Just shared this on my public page... so delighted with the results. Having a pattern to start with that has B-C-D-DD cups made it easy to see the progression, so I could go down the A. And it was a ton easier than the toile I completed for my "A-line" (NOT) dress (NOT). That is coming soon, changed into an empire waist top in linen LOL! Anyway, lots of details for those interested in my blog. THANK YOU Philippa Naylor and to all on this discussion. Lots of help on the toile for the not-quite-done linen top meant fitting this one was SO much easier!


Pattern - TBA



Pattern - TBA