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Members Gallery: The Trousers

The following images have been submitted by members to show what they have been creating while taking the classes.

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Karen Hanson

Pattern - TBA

My pants are finished !I made the cropped version to wear with my boots. I did struggle a bit but they fit well and are really comfy.

Wendy Searle

Pattern - Simplicity S8842

Just a couple of alterations to the pattern for me I added 3/4” to the top and used the slim-fit version although my measurement suggested curvy - which I’m not! Also I added 2” to the length - could add another inch next time! I used Polyester Cady which was awful to cut and sew and black was not a good colour for my eyes. But I am so pleased with them they hang beautifully and are lovely to wear and feel ‘quality’ so worth the agro


Pattern - Simplicity 8056

These are my finished trousers (well, all except the hems that I am waiting for a friend to pin up for me). I mostly used simplicity 8056 but compared the shaping with Kwik sew 4045 which is a narrower fit men's pattern and drew up my own pattern adding on the side pockets from 4045. These are mid-weight cotton drill with patterned fabric visible in pockets. I'm doing my next pair in a stretch cord. Very pleased with the fit.

Caroline Tebbutt

Pattern - TBA

Trousers finished at last. I used the same pattern as Philippa but had to make some changes. First of all, I ordered what seemed to be the right size for my measurements - 20W. It turned out to be far too big but it was the smallest size in the pack so I had to make my own adjustments. The toile seemed fine after I had made the alterations. Then I found I had only ordered 1.5m of fabric! It is a lovely twill with slight stretch. However, I managed to just have enough to cut it out (I am short!). It all went swimmingly until I got to the first fitting with the fabric. Still too big and trousers far too wide! More cutting and unpicking. Then I put the waistband on - badly and it was still too big around the waist! I was getting really annoyed by now, mainly with myself. Of course, this was all down to me not taking enough time, paying attention to detail and being more careful. I could hear Philippa talking to me! I was close to abandoning them altogether but instead, I unpicked the waistband and decided to resew. Of course, I had put the buttonholes in by then! I reduced the waist on the trousers again, measured, tried on, measured again and this time it was okay. Back to the waistband. Completely took it apart but I had to cut off the buttonhole. I didn’t have spare fabric to recut so I changed the design to line up with the fly. I now have a pair of wearable trousers and on the whole, I am pretty happy with them. I have created some more work though. I wore the blouse I made for the photo and when I looked more carefully at that I realised that I had put the cuffs on the wrong way round! Oh well, I was wondering what to do until the next class arrives!!! Two blouses sitting in my sewing room waiting for a bit of unpicking!! The pics show tucked in and shirt out. I normally wear things out but that could be because I cannot get trousers that fit! And you can see the cuffs! EDIT: I should have added that I chose the slim-fitting (which I am not) but it seemed the best fit for me.


Pattern - TBA

Used the same pattern as Philippa. Size 16/18. Made it longer in the crotch (maybe a little too much because feels like mom jeans, lol) and bigger in the bum. Put in belt loops since waist felt a little big (or maybe actually fits). Extra bonus point: made shorts with leftover fabric. I used the same pattern but let out darts and used elastic. (No front pockets).


Pattern - TBA