Learn how to make beautifully crafted, well fitting, individual clothes that you will love to wear

Philippa Naylor is teaching a series of online classes showing you how to sew clothes you will be proud to wear. The classes will cover:

  • Choosing your pattern
  • Fabric options
  • Measuring, fitting and pattern alterations for different body types
  • The best possible sewing and pressing techniques 
  • Creative design solutions for truly individual clothes

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'The Shift Dress' for 14 days for just £1

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How does it work?

Garment Makers Question Time is a series of on-line video classes designed to help you
learn skills, build confidence and make well fitting beautiful garments that you will love to wear.

Each month you will get a new class teaching you about a specific garment. We will start with tips for how to choose a pattern that suits your body shape, and discuss which fabrics might be suitable. Philippa will then teach and demonstrate the techniques you will need to make the garment, discuss how to modify it to fit, and give you options to make it individual to you. 

All the classes are pre-recorded videos which you watch on line.
As a member you can watch them as often as you want, whenever you want.

Trial membership costs £1, and gives you full access to watch the first class
'The Shift Dress' as often as you want for 14 days.

If you want to continue with further classes you don't need to do anything.
We will charge you £12 per month, and you will get access to a new class every 30 days.

Over 12 months you will learn a wealth of techniques and skills to enhance your garment making.

And if for some reason you decide its not for you, you can cancel at any time, and you get to keep access to any classes you have already paid for.

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The classes currently planned will include:

  • The Shift Dress
  • The A-Line skirt
  • Blouse
  • Trousers
  • Lightweight quilted jacket and waistcoat
  • Cowboy shirt for ladies and gentlemen
  • Jeans for everyone
  • Vintage dress
  • Casual style unlined coat or jacket
  • Dress or tunic with knitted fabric
  • Jumpsuits
  • Dungarees
  • Nightwear - pyjamas, nighties and dressing gowns
  • Tea dresses
  • Lined jackets and coats
  • Sewing with silk
  • Evening wear using lace
  • Chanel style jacket
  • And much much more!

Each class will include:

  • How to choose a pattern that suits your body shape.
  • Fabric options for different types of garments.
  • How to read and use a commercial pattern.
  • How to make pattern alterations so that the garment will fit really well.
  • Further alterations you might consider to make your item even more individual.

Specific techniques so that over 12 classes you learn a full range of skills to include

  • Different types of seams
  • Different ways of sewing zippers
  • Buttons and buttonholes
  • Facings, collars and cuffs
  • Hems, pockets and linings
  • And much much more

Classes are a series of pre-recorded videos which you can watch online unlimited times. Every month a new class will be made available exclusively to our members, and Philippa will host a monthly, members only, live 'GMQT Question & Answer' session.

What are people saying?

"Just began the first course and the content, explanations and filming are spectacular. So easy to follow."


"My whole day has been taken up watching this wonderful class. For the first time in weeks, I can feel my mojo returning. Thank you Phillipa for such concise and entertaining videos."


"What can one say but brilliant, you are so inspiring , excellent at explaining and interesting to listen too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wanting to do so."


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Who is Philippa Naylor? 

Philippa is best known in the sewing world as a quilt maker and teacher, having won many international prizes for her quilts and being a sort after teacher.

But long before she started making quilts, Philippa worked as a clothing designer in the British clothing industry and then had a business creating bespoke evening wear and wedding dresses. In fact she credits the skills she learned making couture garments with her success as a quilter.

Having spent the past two years developing a popular series of on-line quilting classes, she has now returned to her first love - garment making.

Working from her Yorkshire Studio which she shares with sculptor husband Peter, Philippa is creating a series of on-line garment making lessons with the goal of helping everyone to be able to make "beautifully crafted, well fitting, individual clothes that you will love to wear."