Hello, I'm Philippa Naylor

I would like to teach you how to make beautiful clothes.

I'm Philippa Naylor

... and I would like to teach you how to make beautiful clothes.

I'm just about to launch my online garment making classes.

You can find out more or sign up for the classes using these links:

Sign up for classes on our store page
View a detailed list of the classes

You may also wish to watch Philippa's Foundations - a series of free to view videos in which Philippa gives you foundational information on a range of topics which it is helpful to know before you start garment making. Everything from tools and equipment you need, how to choose and read a commercial pattern, and how to set up your sewing machine. You can find the foundations videos here.

Watch Philippa's Foundations video series

Who is Philippa Naylor?

Philippa is an award winning clothes designer and quilter.

She began her textile training at MMU, was head designer for a large UK womenswear manufacturer and then set up a business making bespoke ball gowns and wedding dresses. She knows as much about making beautiful clothes as she does about quilts!

Philippa will be applying her legendary precision and attention to detail as she teaches the techniques used by couture dress makers to create outstanding clothes.