Philippa's Foundations

Philippa Naylor shares her thoughts and advice on foundational tools and techniques required for garment making. We will be adding new videos to this series as we come across foundational topics which would be usefully covered by Philippa.

We have categorised the posts so that you can find topics more easily. Click the buttons to see the posts on each topic:

Sewing Machine Basics

Fantastically versatile, but with some ecological drawbacks?.

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How it is made and what it is useful for.

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Philippa talks about possibly her favourite fabric type.

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Fabric Weights

What are light, medium and heavy weight fabrics? Philippa gives you an overview of some of the fabric in her collection to help you decide which fabric to use for your project.

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Philippa Naylor discusses the many types of interfacing and some of the ways they might be used.

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